Rental Requirements

Being a car rental company in UAE, we have to follow the local laws and some of these laws put certain restrictions on us before we can provide the car for rent. All our customers must satisfy the requirements and provide necessary documents.
Before opting for a car, customers have to provide a copy of their passport, visa and driving license. If there any discrepancies or mismatched information on the provided documents, we will provide a car on rent.

Age Requirements
All customers should be over the age of 25 and have a valid driving license for more than six months before they can rent a car.

Authorized Driver Requirements
Only the authorized drivers can drive cars owned and rented by us. Authorised driver is the person who has paid for the car and provided the required documents. Any additional person who will accompany the renter and intends to drive the car could be asked to sign up as an authorized driver. Any additional authorized driver will be asked to show and submit a copy of their documents of identification, driving license and other required documents.

Driving License Requirements
The authorized drivers should have valid driving license in their own name issued by the country of origin. They should have the driving license in their possession for a period of at least six months before they can rent a car.
Citizens from US, UK, Belgium, France, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Ireland, Austria, Norway, Spain, Canada, Poland, Finland, South Africa, New Zealand, Romania and Australia can rent a car in UAE on their original driving license issued from their native countries.
Visitors from Korea, Turkey, Japan and Greece must get their driving license translated into English before they can rent a car. Visitors from all other countries are required to provide an international driving license to qualify for renting a car. UAE residents and nationals, must present a valid local driving license before hiring a car.

Passport and Visa Requirements
All customers are required to present and provide a copy their original and valid passports of the country they originate from. They must also have a valid UAE visa. The passport and original visa must be presented at the time of vehicle pickupfor verification and data maintenance.
Customers must carry their passport, visa and travel documents with them at the time of picking the car, while using the car and at the time of dropping the car back to us. The passport, visa and other travel documents must remain valid for the duration of your rental agreement. We are entitled to collect details of all the people accompanying the renter.

Security Requirements
We are flexible when it comes to security deposits. For travellers it is convenient that we put a block of 1500 AED on their credit card which is released two weeks after returning the car. For UAE residents, we accept a security cheque of 1500 AED which is also given back, 21 days after the car is returned.